Highways England pilots a New Approach to Roadworks

July 15, 2015

Highways England is piloting a brand new approach to the layout and setting out of roadworks which should make them clearer and simpler for people to drive through. The change, if effective, could also help promote road safety on our busiest motorways and ensure drivers are less likely to make mistakes and put themselves and other road users at risk.

Highways England has said that their new approach will provide better information about why the roadworks are there and there will be much clearer temporary signage to give drivers more guidance and reduce the risk of mistakes and therefore, making the roads safer for all road users.

Highways England have set out a 5 year plan, where they will be delivering £11 billion worth of investment on both motorways and major A roads across the UK. The level of investment and therefore the level of work which will be carried out on the roads across the UK denotes exactly how much the driving experience on our roads around the roadworks areas in particularly will be improved.


Highways England has set out a clear Delivery Plan and the hope is that it will ensure roads across England will be improved. The new approach covers a number of areas and includes firstly, the aforementioned roadside information being clearer and enhances and set to include more real time journey information. Secondly, the approach plans to ensure signage for customers is made clearer and easy to distinguish from signage aimed specifically at workers on the road and signage will also be designed specifically with the aim of being easier to read and process whilst on the move, using more images where possible to streamline the process of driving through roadworks and ensure road users can remain focused on driving. The final point in the new approach is to create a consistent look and feel to the roadworks, which makes them more intuitive and enjoyable for the road user.

This is just a pilot trial at present and there are in fact four separate schemes running across England, rolling out from 20th June 2015 onwards. The schemes have been chosen from a cross-section of different types of roadwork areas in short-term and long-term sites across the country. The sites include motorways, such as the M3 corridor and the A21 and A40.

In the personal injury sector we regularly represent individuals who have been involved in road accidents and therefore we see the genuine damage they can cause and welcome any changes to legislation and approach which may improve the safety of our roads.