Merseyside Authorities team up to Promote Motorcycle Awareness

August 6, 2015

A recent initiative launched by authorities in our local area has shown that the police, council and related partners are committed to making the roads safer for motorcyclists.

A partnership made up of Merseyside Police, Mersey Tunnels Police and Wirral Council met with bikers on July 30th and gave them a chance to voice any concerns and speak with police and road safety officers. The officers were present at the entrance to the Mersey Tunnels on the Wirral side all morning and afternoon.

In line with this move Merseyside Police have also stepped up their monitoring of the roads, with unmarked and camera equipped police vehicles to detect dangerous and careless drivers on our regions roads. Speaking on behalf of the roads policing team at Merseyside Police Sergeant Paul Mountford explained how the Force plan to use the latest technology to detect careless and dangerous motorcyclists as well as protecting those who are trying to drive as safely as possible. He asserted the Force’s commitment to ‘robustly enforce[ing] the law.’ In addition to this the head of Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team urged riders to come along to the session and take the opportunity to discuss the real road dangers for motorcyclists and help the partnership put steps in place to create safer roads for all. Each rider who went along was given a wealth of information about riding around the Merseyside area as well as specific information about the BIkesafe scheme and free gifts were also handed out.

Motorcycle Police

National Motorcycle Week

From August 31st until September 6th is National Motorcycle Week and the partnership in Merseyside has already committed to extra enforcement and taking the time to engage and inform motorcyclists during this period. The dangers for motorcyclists on the road are countless and whilst all motorcycle traffic accidents are not the fault of the rider themselves, if they are aware of the main risks and ride with safety at the heart of everything they do then they are placing themselves in a safer position.

Evidence has shown that, quite shockingly, motorcycle casualties in Merseyside have risen 84% since 2010, a huge growth and something the authorities are reacting to. Figures from 2014 show that there were 290 crashes involving motorcyclists in Merseyside with 111 riders killed or seriously injured and a further 116 other road users seriously injured due to a motorcycle accident.

Avoiding road traffic accidents isn’t always possible, especially if other drivers and riders are acting recklessly and negligently but if each individual takes it upon themselves to keep road safety in mind every time they’re out on the road then things should see a marked improvement. There is hope this new motorcycle initiative in Merseyside will see accident rates fall in the next year.

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