New Look Bikeability Website Launched

August 14, 2015

The Department for Transport has unveiled their new Bikeability website this month and it has been improved to provide more information about the scheme as well as making it easier for people to find courses related to the scheme in their local area.

Bikeability is described on its website as ‘today’s cycle training programme – like cycling proficiency, but better’ and it has been designed with an easy to use and navigate interface to ensure visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for. There are three different levels of Bikeability which take trainees from the absolute basics of balancing and controlling their bicycle to planning and making independent journeys on even busy roads. Safety is core to the success of the course and the scheme is the government’s way of providing essential support and guidance to cyclists of all experiences but especially those just embarking on their journey.

As well as the regular Bikeability website, the Department for Transport also have a secondary website setup which is specifically for professionals, mainly current providers and others interested who want to find out more about getting involved and providing Bikeability courses.

Only professional Bikeability providers offer on road and off road training to youngsters in schools, through dedicated clubs, to families or individuals of all ages who want to further their cycling experience and build their confidence. There are sessions across the UK and providers around the country but the website offers more than this basic information.

The new Bikeability website is a gold mine of information and resources including those for use in the classroom and at home, such as cycling themed discussion points and lesson plans and the whole focus is to give children a spark and ignite their passion for cycling and what a valuable transportation method it can be, as an alternative to cars for a health point of view as well as for the environment.


Cycling Traffic Accidents

The latest statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents found that around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents every year, and this includes approximately 3,000 who are actually killed or seriously injured. This figure is important as it is only the reported cycling traffic accidents and RoSPA state that there are many more accidents which are not reported to the police, even when the cyclist’s are seriously injured enough to need hospital treatment. Cycling casualties have increased as years go by as there are more cyclists on our roads.

Whilst not all cyclists are to blame when involved in accidents, if a culture of better road sense and confident as a cyclist on the road is engendered by the Bikeability scheme and it means more cyclists are on our roads in general and are aware of the risks, it will be some way to achieving safer roads in general.