Police Summer Drink Drive Campaign reports increase in Drink and Drugs Offences

August 7, 2015

The National Police Chief Council’s Summer Drink Drive Campaign results for 2015 have been published and they show that whilst less tests have been administered throughout the month-long campaign, a 2% increase in the proportion of drivers/motorcyclists who tested positive, refused or failed has been reported. When discussing the results the NPCC has commented that they have occurred this way due to their considered ‘intelligence-led approach to tackling drink and drug driving’. The combination of both drinks and drugs testing has given a clearer picture of the demographics of those driving under the influence and interestingly, offences were found not to be on the increase for younger drivers, as is usually expected.

The Campaign took June as a sample month to get a wider picture of driving under the influence and this year 60,096 breath tests were administered and a shocking 5,085 proved positive, which equates to just under 8.5%. When compared with the Campaign in 2014, this is a slight increase where 63,688 breath tests were administered and 4,108 proved positive. It is a shocking fact that these results mean that over 5000 people have been caught flouting the drink drive laws in the country and could be putting themselves and other road users at risk of serious injury or worse.

Interestingly as already mentioned younger drivers (those under 25) saw a decrease in their group testing positive with 682 positive tests in this age group, down from 962 in 2014, representing a 7.5% decrease.


Merseyside Drink and Drug Driving Campaign Results

Taking a closer look at our local area, the month-long Drink and Drug Driving Summer Campaign results for Merseyside show, according to the police records, evidence that 98% of motorists in Merseyside are driving responsibly, when it comes to driving under the influence.

The campaign saw 6,787 drivers stopped by Merseyside Police and breath tested, which is an increase of over 1,300 more than in 2014 and of these drivers 131 were arrests, 7 more than in the previous year.

This year’s campaign was also furthered by the introduction of the new drugs testing laws and 231 drivers in Merseyside were tested for drugs using the new roadside tests with 63 then arrests for either being judged unfit to drive or suspected as over the given limit. This is a big step up from 2014 but is to be expected with the new equipment in place and is a step towards ensuring our roads are free of both drugs and alcohol and they are safer for all road users.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgement and increases the chance of an accident significantly. With both acts being illegal it is clear that there is no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol or the drugs specified as dangerous whilst driving and with these national results from the NPCC it appears that the police are highly focused on ensuring offenders are caught.