TISPOL running Enforcement Operations this Week

August 21, 2015

From the beginning of this week, police officers across Europe are conducting speed enforcement operations to help raise awareness of the dangers of speeding across the continent and also to remind drivers of the genuine benefits for all road users of driving at speeds which are both legal and safe.

Speeding remains a huge issue across Europe as well as in the UK, and TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network are committed to trying to change attitudes. Speaking on behalf of the body, president Aidan Reid stated that they want all drivers to ‘challenge their own attitude to speeding’ and also to re-educate themselves on the dangers of speeding and the attitude that it is ‘a trivial offence.’ He added further enforcement to his statement by citing that evidence suggests that ‘speeding contributes to as many as one third of all crashes resulting in death and is the most important contributory factor to road deaths and serious injuries.’

As a response to the TISPOL campaign looks to test and remind drivers of the dangers of speeding and also encourage and ensure that drivers respect the speed limits in their country. Appropriate steps will be taken across the various countries where people are found to be speeding and this is a continuation of last year’s initiative where a similar TISPOL Operation saw over 580,000 speeding detections in 28 European countries.

speeding speed camera

TISPOL: The European Traffic Police Network

TISPOL work with the individual police forces of European nations to push forward their agenda of safety on our roads. Their initiatives go beyond speeding with a commitment to the education of all road users in their respective countries to ensure they are acting in the best and most appropriate ways to ensure road safety for all.

Speeding remains an issue in the UK despite the extensive range of speed cameras across the streets. Recently police forces have reported 5 drivers going over 100 mph on an A road near Aberdeen and also as a response to speeding, a new campaign to tackle speeding drivers has been launched by Hull Police. Up and down the country the police force is working to ensure drivers respect the speed limits on the road and the same can be said for the majority of drivers, it’s just a choice few who believe speeding is their right or they simply don’t pay attention.

Speeding is as much a crime as drink driving or driving on a mobile phone and the consequences can be just as devastating. In 2013, 3,064 people were killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents on UK roads where speed was a factor and this needs to change.