Police Scotland launches Campaign focused on Vulnerable Road Users

September 7, 2015

Police Scotland has announced and launched their latest road safety campaign, which focuses closely on three groups of vulnerable road users. They have divided road users into three categories: cyclists, the elderly and children and have plans to raise awareness of these groups and provide advice and guidance in terms of safety.

The new campaign has the support of the Scottish Ambulance Service, Age Scotland, Brake, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Road Safety Scotland and is running from August 2015 until spring in 2016, with a core focus on the ‘road users’ life cycle.’ This broad focus allows the campaign to provide support for both the youngest and oldest road users and raise awareness.

The campaign was timed to launch in line with schools in Scotland beginning their new academic year and the first phase of the campaign is focused on children, ensuring that whilst they settle into their new term, they also remain vigilant and stay focused when crossing the roads. Research and statistics from Police Scotland has found that young pedestrians are most at risk at the times before and after school with 8am and between 3pm and 6pm considered particularly dangerous, 3pm the most dangerous of all.

The campaign is also serving to remind that other road users will also have to be vigilant now the schools are back in term, with a focus on those other vulnerable groups – cyclists and the elderly as a new school year brings in a lot more traffic and means the roads are busier generally.


Safer Roads for the New School Term

Head of Road Policing for Police Scotland, Iain Murray has highlighted that they want all road users to think about the dangers they pose to vulnerable groups, especially at the roads become busier. In Scotland the schools have been closed for almost 8 weeks and therefore the change to the roads is significant once parents and children are back out regularly both in the mornings and afternoons. Many usually quiet residential areas become hubs of activity and this is where all road users need to proceed with caution.

The onus isn’t all on the other road users of course, which is why this campaign has also focused in on the children themselves, ensuring they have the understanding that crossing roads safely and looking both ways before crossing roads, and generally, being focused on the journey ahead, despite the excitement of the new school year.

Being aware of the busiest times on the roads helps road users act accordingly and Police Scotland are making moves to ensure road safety is at the forefront of road users minds for the new school year.