Road Safety Organisation calls for Responsibility amongst Young Drivers

October 21, 2015

GEM Motoring Assist, a leading road safety organisation, have called for young people around the UK to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others on the roads. Their call has come after the shocking footage of two young men in their speeding car, moments before they crash and are killed. The film shows the driver and his friend speeding along rural roads and is filmed within the car, showing the extreme speeds the drivers reached before sadly crashing and dying on impact. Both occupants of the car were said to be under the influence of drugs and they were aged just 20 and 21. The shocking footage has been made available with the permission of the police and also the two men’s families and it can be viewed here at the BBC website, as well as many other sources.

In response GEM Motoring Assist have come out and shared a set of simple road safety tips that young drivers can consider and use, reducing their risks on the roads.

Speaking on behalf of the organisation, Chief Executive of GEM David Williams, described the video footage as ‘heart-breaking’ and further asserted that they hoped it would ‘challenge anyone who thinks it’s alright to drive fast because they think it’s fun and there are no consequences.’

Figures show that young drivers are one of the most high-risk groups on the road. One in five drivers will have a crash within just 6 months of passing their driving test, whatever age they are, and younger drivers are also known to typically take more risks, putting them further in danger. Williams and GEM further asserted that they hope that ‘as many young drivers as possible to heed the clear warnings provided by this video’ and whilst thinking about their own safety, drivers should think about the implications of their dangerous driving for other road users too.


GEM Young Driver Safety Tips

GEM laid out six clear and handy tips for young drivers which are both straightforward and easy to work into any driver’s good practice. They include things such as minimising distractions by keeping mobile phones switched off and music on low and of course always wear a seatbelt. Hey also include simple yet important life lessons such as always staying within speeding limits and travel at a speed which allows you to stop safely, if a hazard were to materialise.

Many of the tips in the GEM list may seem like common sense but many young drivers and even older driver flout them on a daily basis and this shocking footage and sad death of two young men serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping safety at the forefront of our minds every time we get into our cars.