Study discovers the Reasons Why Drivers ‘Hit and Run’

April 25, 2016

Research commissioned by the Motor Insurance Bureau and carried out by the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester is looking into the reasons why motorists ‘hit and run’ and whilst the research is still ongoing results are coming through based on the information collection so far. One of the most interesting statistics from the figures so far has found that 45% of all ‘hit and run’ drivers say they would not have left the scene had they known it was an offence to do so.

The research found that younger drivers are most likely to leave the scene of an accident due to not being insured, alcohol consumption or through fear of the consequences of even panic. Conversely older drivers are most likely to leave the scene because they don’t think the accident is serious enough to report.

Accident image hit and run

The information collated so far is simply an interim independent research report and it is beginning to identify some of the many reasons why motorists ‘hit and run’. The report brought out plenty of interesting statistics so far to help the researchers go forward with their studies and they included:

  • 50% of all drivers questioned did not thing that the accident was serious enough to report or they didn’t think they would need to report the accident
  • 6% of convicted younger drivers (16-34) asserted that nothing would have made them stop and report the accident, they were determined to get away with offending
  • 50% of all respondents were traced through pedestrians and other drivers who witnessed the accident in question.

According to the Department for Transport there were 163,554 accidents on the road where an injury was sustained in 2014 and of this number 10% involved a ‘hit and run’ driver. There are serious consequences for all drivers who leave the scene of an accident as it is an offence and this is just the beginning if there have been injuries or worse due to the accident.

Speaking on behalf of MIB who commissioned the research, Ashton West OBE commented: “Being involved in an accident can be an unsettling and traumatic experience which is made worse when the other driver doesn’t stop. There is a real need to understand why there are so many ‘hit and run’ accidents.”

Any kind of accident is traumatic for the victims and they deserve to have justice on every level. This can be much harder to achieve when the vehicle and driver which caused the accident have fled the scene and understanding why this happens is something which may be able to limit it happening in the future or further awareness can be campaigned for.

Image:   © Copyright Albert Bridge and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence