Survey shows Motorists still want to Drive, Even with Automated Vehicles on the Way

May 10, 2016

IAM RoadSmart, the new name and brand for the Institute of Advanced Motorists has combined the results of two surveys and found that more than 65% of motorists still want to retain the right to drive, even when driverless cars arrive. The research was released on 28th April and it shows how most drivers want human-driven vehicles and computer-driven vehicles to share the roads.

IAM RoadSmart conducted an independent survey which involved 1000 British motorists and a separate survey amongst its members, numbering 92,000. The results from the surveys actually found that the 65% of motorists who want drivers to remain driving actually responded that they believe a human being should be in control of a vehicle and a further 53% said that they believed the focus should be on making drivers safe, not just vehicles.

The members of IAM RoadSmart who were polled claimed that on the whole, they welcome the hi-tech advances but they want to maintain control of their vehicle, even if autonomous technology is designed to do this job for them.

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The independent motorists survey interestingly found that more people think driverless cars are a bad idea than a good idea and 52% thought that driverless cars would ‘never be a norm on UK roads’.

The IAM RoadSmart perspective is that well-trained drivers and ever-vigilant advanced cars are a potential win-win for the future of safety on the roads and speaking on behalf of the organisation, Chief Executive, Sarah Sillars OBE commented: “Technological advances that make driving and riding safer for all road users have to be embraced whole-heartedly – but British motorists and our members, do want the right to drive.

Intelligent cars will deliver a step change in road safety by targeting the human errors we make from time-to-time.”

IAM RoadSmart is newly branded and they have changed their look and name in their 60th year. They are celebrating 60 years of improving driving and riding standards around the UK and the new look, tone and brand has been designed to provide the services that a new generation of drivers and riders need and it brings the company and all their commercial subsidiaries together under one banner.

Autonomous driving is getting closer and closer and as more safety technologies are introduced to cars as standard, we’ll be all be driving cars that are more automated than we think before we know it.

Image Credit: By Tellyaddict at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Oxyman using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,