Thousands Driving Unsafely with Faulty Tyre Safety Systems

May 6, 2016

Data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has been analysed by TyreSafe and the evidence found has shown that thousands of motorists are not maintaining essential road safety systems on their vehicles, most notably the tyre safety system. The data analysed found that nearly 20,000 cars failed their MoT because of faulty or sub-standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems in the period between April 2014 until March 2015. Although Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems have only been mandatory on all new vehicles since January 2015, this is still a significant amount of failures.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are designed to help vehicle owners ensure their tyre pressure is correct whilst driving and they provide drivers with information about the pressure whilst the vehicle is in motion. They work through the use of sensors mounted to the valves inside a tyre or through calculating the pressure based on the ABS system.

The ensure you pass your MoT and are driving safely it is important to have your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System serviced and it is especially important, should the system be found to be faulty, to have it properly repaired otherwise you are running the risk of failing your MoT and the costs stacking up. That’s not to mention the safety risk you become on the roads.

Speaking on behalf of TyreSafe, Chairman Stuart Jackson said: “Ensuring tyre pressures are correct is a cornerstone of road safety. TPMS is a potentially life-saving technology which helps the driver monitor those pressures when they need it most – out on the road. As with all safety systems, drivers need to check their TPMS is fully-functioning regularly, not only to pass the MoT but to help reduce the risks of a tyre-related incident whenever they drive.”

Vehicles are becoming equipped with more and more safety features to make driving safer and to provide drivers with additional help and guidance. As more systems become standardised it becomes crucially important that drivers recognise that each of these new systems needs to be serviced to ensure the additional safety it provides.

With this particular system it is possible to get a lot of information from the TyreSafe website where they have a dedicated Tyre Pressure Monitor System page. There are several elements to the MoT and any box which isn’t ticked can mean your vehicle is not safe to be on the road and the centre will make sure every element of your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and you can have peace of mind.

photo credit: Tread carefully ! via photopin (license)