2016 Think! Summer Campaign Launched

June 17, 2016

The 2016! THINK! Summer Drink Driving Campaign was launched on June 10th to coincide with the beginning of the European Football Championships 2016. The campaign includes a number of recognisable elements from the 2015 festive drink driving campaign as well as a specific focus on drivers planning on one or two drinks whilst the matches are on, then planning to drive home.

The Summer Drink Driving Campaign brings back the #ButAlive television adverts and radio adverts which specifically targeted men aged between 17 and 34. This group is considered particularly high risk when it comes to drink driving and the adverts aimed to show the devastating results drink driving can bring and how saying ‘no’ however hard and however irritating in the short term, means you stay live. Here’s one of the adverts:

The campaign’s main focus is the fact that simply accepting that second drink can tip you over the edge of the legal driving limit. Research by THINK! and the Department for Transport has found that drivers in the age group targeted are often unaware of or confused by what the legal alcohol limit is and therefore believe ‘just a couple’ is an acceptable amount before getting behind the wheel. THINK! realised that their previous ad campaigns, focusing on the message ‘don’t drink and drive’ missed this target group because they didn’t believe their behaviour was drinking and driving. The latest ad campaign sets this straight as it highlights how just one more drink can be what leads to a devastating car accident.

Football Focus

The renewal and re-run of the #ButAlive campaign is joined by new adverts with a more football-focused theme to tie into the current competition. The key focus areas for the campaign are the morning after the midweek matches played by both the England and Welsh teams on 16th and 20th June. Alcohol can remain in the system for many hours so it is important drivers recognise that the morning after may still not be a safe time to drive.
Campaign materials includes new posters and social media resources so the message can be shared far and wide. Responses to the 2015 festive campaign were widely positive and a larger proportion of younger male drivers reported being aware that two drinks could take them over the limit.

Think! Euro drink drive
Many road safety campaign groups argue that any amount of alcohol in the system is dangerous and should be avoided. This kind of mind set ensures that there is nothing to keep a driver from their focus on the road and reduce their risk of being in or causing an accident.