The First European Day Without a Road Death Next Month

August 31, 2016

On 21st September 2016 organisations will celebrate a new awareness day, as part of a campaign called Project Edward. Organised by TISPOL. Project Edward is the first European Day Without A Road Death, and the European Traffic Police Network are the brains behind the campaign. It will be a massive awareness campaign to bring people together to focus on road safety. TISPOL are asking individuals and organisations to pledge to reduce risk and focus on safety on the road.

Over 80,000 people have already committed to supporting Project Edward using the online pledge page at the TISPOL website here. Many large organisations in Europe and the UK back the campaign, including the European Commission, the National Police Chiefs’ Council, GEM Motoring Assist, Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc. Many more organisations in the public and private sectors are also on board.

TISPOL felt driven into organising Project Edward because of disappointing road death figures in recent years. They assert that while Europe has been highly successful in reaching the 50% reduction target for road deaths by 2020, there have been less pleasing figures in recent years. This led to TISPOL’s action and the creation of Project Edward. TISPOL believe their campaign and special awareness day will speed up the efforts. They hope it will make a significant impact and encourage all road users to reflect on their behaviours on the road.

Experts recognise that driver behaviour is one of the leading barriers to reaching the 2020 road death reduction figures. All kinds of behaviours can result in accidents and fatalities. Everything from speeding to drink-driving to not wearing seatbelts and driving and dialling pose a huge threat.


European Day without a Road Death

TISPOL’s target is that no one should die on a road in Europe on Wednesday 21st September. Many of the organisations pledged to support the cause are aiming to promote the same message. TISPOL believe the messages of Project Edward will help to ensure all European nations involved hit their 2020 reduction targets.

Project Edward is due to launch with an enormous social media campaign which will start at the beginning of September. Look out for the hashtag #projectedward throughout September. TISPOL and other organisations will be sharing videos, articles, pictures and more to support the campaign. Speaking on behalf of GEM Motoring Assist one of the supporters of Project Edward, Neil Worth commented: “A day without a road death is, of course, the vision we should strive for every day, not just on 21 September. But as a simple awareness-raiser, I am convinced that Project Edward can be a great success, whether or not we achieve zero deaths on the day itself.”