Telematics Use Significantly Up in 2016

August 26, 2016

The RAC Telematics Report 2016 shows a huge number of UK businesses are now using telematics vehicle tracking technology. Their figures show that there has been a massive increase in uptake, almost doubled in less than a year. This new report shows that nearly two-thirds of businesses surveyed use telematics in their vehicles. In 2015 it was just 38%. Telematics devices include black boxes, smartphone apps and other forms of technology designed to make driving safer and more efficient.

Businesses in all sectors are now using telematics more than in previous years. The survey shows the business services sector ranked highest at 71%, with retail in second at 67% and construction in third at 66%. From a size perspective too, the survey shows that uptake increased across all business sizes. 51% of sole traders, for example, are now using this kind of technology while previously it was just 14%. At the opposite end of the spectrum, large corporate firms with 1000+ employees have seen uptake go from 67% to 29%.

Businesses recognising the Benefits of Telematics

As well as looking at the numbers, the RAC survey asked business owners about their opinions too and reasons for choosing telematics. Businesses using telematics stated benefits such as lower fuel costs, fewer accidents and a reduction in vehicle maintenance costs as their reason for investing in telematics for their fleets.

Business owners also gave their opinions on the future of telematics. They shared what they would like to see in future devices and apps. Other motoring services such as breakdown and accident management were amongst the most popular suggestions.

Speaking on behalf of RAC Telematics, their Managing Director, Nick Walker commented:

‘One of the very clear factors that we are seeing from the report, and from what we’re hearing from customers, is that telematics is now being associated with cost reduction, cost benefits, more insight and duty of care than it is about pure tracking and the older benefits of telematics.’

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Safety Benefits of Telematics

Further RAC research showed that 43% of firms believed that the use of telematics supported their Duty of Care policies. 58% also saw a reduction in speeding incidents and fines and 52% asserted reduction staff accidents. If telematics results in fewer accidents on the roads, then this is an instance where technology is supporting road safety. When technology can be used to make the roads safer, it should be embraced.