Accident In A Public Place Compensation

If you have had the misfortune to be involved in an accident in a public place as a result of a slip, trip or fall and it was not your fault, then it is your legal entitlement to put in for Accident in a Public Place Compensation. This is money that eases the financial burden when injuries take place that were not your fault. Often even a simple arm or leg injury due to a fall on a pavement or falling over in a shopping centre because of a hazard such as spilt liquid can bring about substantial inconvenience to the victim and his or her family. It could result in days taken off from work to recover or the need for someone to drive you around if there has been an arm or hand injury.
Lamb & Co have a team of experienced and dedicated solicitors who are ready to answer your call if you have had an accident in a public place and it was not your fault. If the accident happened in the last three years then you may be entitled to Accident in a Public Place Compensation, which is designed to help finance those needs that arise as a result of an injury that can be quite debilitating.

Once you have made contact with one of our personal injury solicitors, we will assess your case for an Accident in a Public Place Compensation package. If we consider that you have a good case for compensation, we will gather all the necessary information and present it to the offending party.

We only take on compensation claims that we have a good chance of winning. This means when we win your case you can be assured of getting the payment that is your legal entitlement. We do not ask for any fees whether we win or lose as the responsible party will pay those to us and in the unlikely situation of us losing the Accident in a Public Place Compensation, you will be covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.