Accident Claims Solicitors Liverpool

Many people think that accidents always happen to somebody else and they are immune from the possibility of one happening to them.
Of course, most people are reasonably cautious and do no go around inviting accidents and injuries, whatever situation they are in. However, there is always the possibility that one can be in involved in an accident which is primarily caused by somebody else or it might be because one is working or living in an environment which is not as health and safety conscious as it should be.

Lamb & Co has been a well established part of the Liverpool personal injury legal scene for many years and has an excellent reputation for helping accident victims gain compensation for the injuries they have received. These compensation payments really do help to pay the bills when an injured person is hospitalised for some time, has to take time off work or seek specialised treatment or care. They also help to address the emotional consequences of being involved in an accident which was caused by somebody else’s negligence or outright stupidity.

In the case of workplace accidents, if you live in the Liverpool area and have experienced an accident at work then it is entirely possible that you might be able to claim for compensation for what you have suffered. Not everybody realises that employers have a legal responsibility for providing a safe and healthy place top work in and this includes such things as appropriate training programmes, safety equipment, well maintained tools and machinery and so on. Claims for compensation for workplace accidents not only help the individual who has had an accident but help to ensure that employers take their obligations seriously.

Whatever the cause of your accident, if you live in and around Liverpool and you have had an accident anytime in the last three years and think that somebody else was clearly responsible, then you should contact one of our personal injury solicitors to allow them to discuss your personal situation and make an assessment of your chances of making a just claim for compensation. At Lamb & Co we offer a “no win no fee” arrangement which means that if we do not win a case on your behalf, then you will not have to pay our legal fees. This is designed to help anybody who has been injured due to a negligent third party’s action make a claim for compensation irrespective of their income level.