Accident Claims

In the event that you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident which is somebody else’s fault, make sure you understand your legal rights. In many situations you are able to make a claim for compensation if your accident has resulted in injuries or even illness. Accidents can not only lead to a lot of personal pain and suffering, they often end up costing us a lot of money because of time off work or time away from running your business.
An Accident Claims procedure is best put through by a firm of professional personal injury solicitors. We at Lamb & Co are proud to have one of the leading teams of personal injury solicitors in the country and have taken on hundreds of accident cases over the years with a very high success rate.

Normally, the procedure is quite straightforward. The most difficult thing for anybody involved in an accident is to start the ball rolling by contacting us at our Lamb & Co office. We will assign you one of our very experienced and highly qualified solicitors who will guide you through the Accident Claims process. This involves paying meticulous attention to the details of your case and assessing the chances of ascribing blame to a third party. We offer our services on a no win no fee claims basis, so the most important aspect is making sure that there is a reasonable probability that the case can be won.

Very often, when it comes to contacting the third party, liability is admitted straight away, and a settlement can be made between us and the third party’s insurance company directly. You will then be entitled to the full compensation package, while the insurance company pays our legal fees as part of the settlement.

More rarely, the Accident Claims procedure becomes more complicated and we might have to take the case to court. Our view here at Lamb & Co is that we will not accept any less than full compensation for your accident and, if it means going to court, then we will make sure that you have excellent representation.