Accident Compensation Claims

A considerable number of people are not aware that the places where they work are meant to be safe and healthy. This is your employer’s legal obligation. There are still too many accidents in workplaces that lead to injuries of all kinds. In some cases it is the working environment that can lead to physical impairment, serious illness or even psychological or emotional distress.
Nobody goes to work in order to become injured or sick. If this does happen to you, then your employer could be liable to compensate you for your illness or injury. It will be in your interests to contact us at Lamb & Co as soon as possible as we are able to ensure that any claim you make for compensation is efficently and fairly dealt with.Lamb & Co are specialists in personal injury law and we deal with any type of accident, including victims of road traffic incidents, workplace accidents as well as accidents that have happened on private or public property. We have a very experienced team of personal injury solicitors at your disposal to deal with accident compensation claims and have a very high success rate.

We operate a no win no fee arrangement. In the unlikely event that your case is lost, then you will never have to pay for our legal fees.

Being injured or suffering from an illness due to an accident is bad enough but it can take quite a lot of courage to initiate accident compensation claims. You can be confident that we will deal with your case with sympathy, tact and dedication.