Accident Lawyers

Lamb & Co are specialist personal injury solicitors who deal every day with a variety of accident cases. We deal with any type of accident and injury, from those that happen on our busy roads to those that take place in workplaces and public places. If you believe that you have been injured as the result of an accident where somebody else is responsible, then contact us at our Lamb & Co office and we will assign you one of our Accident Lawyers.
If you have had any type of injury recently or, in fact, at any time within the last three years, and think that somebody else is to blame, then contact us as soon as possible. The shorter the interval between an accident and it being investigated, the better. All the details will be fresher in your mind. Witnesses, if there are any, will be easier to contact and any supporting evidence they can provide will be much more reliable. Our Accident Lawyers will assess the circumstances of your accident and give you an opinion on how successful a claim for compensation will be.When your accident has been identified as being due to somebody else, a claim for compensation can be made. At Lamb & Co we operate a no win no fee system. This means that all the assistance you get from our Accident Lawyers is totally free, even if we are eventually unsuccessful in pursuing your compensation claim. Normally, a settlement can be made out of court when the situation is straightforward and the third party has been contacted and has admitted liability. Not all compensation claims are straightforward, however, and there are some other legal firms that will settle for less than the full amount due,in order to simplify and speed up the claim. At Lamb & Co we believe that you are entitled to your full compensation, and our team of solicitors will make every effort to make sure that that is what you eventually get, even if a court appearance is necessary.
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