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It is just part of our way of life that accidents and injuries take place and they can happen at any time and anywhere and are often caused by someone else. This is particularly the case when it comes to road traffic accidents when a third party does not pay full attention while driving on our busy highways and motorways in Newcastle and the surrounding area.
In these instances, it is the job of personal injury solicitors such as us at Lamb & Co to assist in obtaining compensation for you. Lamb & Co personal injury solicitors in Newcastle have successfully won thousands of claims for compensation on a “no win no fee” basis for a considerable number of years and now have a well respected reputation in the district.It is of the utmost importance that after an accident has taken place and an injury has been the outcome and someone else is to blame, to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. Our experienced and dedicated team of professional solicitors will assess your situation with sincerity and sympathy and will be able to guide you through the steps that lead to a decent claim for compensation in the least disruptive way.

Unfortunately, many of the most terrible accidents occur without even a moment of warning when out driving on our busy motorways. We might take the greatest of care and are normally ready when confronted with a road hazard but the unexpected does take place and any accident can result in being hospitalised for a period and severely traumatised due to negligent drivers. In these situations, we will work hard to bring about quick action in gaining a payment for a compensation claim.

The injury does not need to have just taken place while on the road but could have happened in the workplace. It is quite possible to make a claim for compensation because your workplace manager is not adopting the correct health and safety requirements. Lamb & Co personal injury solicitors in Newcastle are experts at following up such cases and will work to ensure that there is a fast and effective claim for just compensation.

Once the payment has been received, we guarantee that all victims get to keep all the money as our fees are paid for by the insurance company of the negligent driver.

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