Accident Solicitors South Wales

Lamb & Co provides a personal injury legal service for anybody in the South Wales region who has suffered from an accident that was somebody else’s fault. One of the things that continue to surprise us is the large number of people who receive injuries from all sorts of accidents who are not aware that they are legally entitled to some form of compensation in a situation in which the accident can be proved to be due to a third party.
Compensation claims go at least part of the way to help address the financial losses incurred by anybody who has received injuries due to their involvement in an accident, as well as serving as a caution for those people who are responsible for the accident to be on their toes the next time around.Accidents in South Wales, like anywhere else in the country, can happen to the most cautious and careful of people. Road traffic accidents, for instance can be the result of a moment’s indecision or inattention or, more seriously, when another driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many whiplash injuries are actually caused by a rear end collision when the vehicle driving behind another is simply too close for the driving conditions.Some of the worst accidents in South Wales happen to motorcyclists and bicyclists who are particularly vulnerable to the negligent behaviour of other road users.

Whatever the cause of the accident, whether it is on the roads as described above or in the workplace or even in a shopping centre, if you have been at the receiving end of a situation which can be demonstrated to be due to somebody else’s negligence sometime in the last three years, then you should contact one of our solicitors here at Lamb & Co and arrange an appointment. Our solicitors have had years of experience dealing with personal injury claims and will be able to give you an impartial assessment of the chances of you successfully making a claim for just compensation.