Brain Accident Claims

Lamb & Co are specialist personal injury solicitors, who have built up a sound reputation for acting on behalf of thousands of people who have been involved in accidents over the years, for which they were the victims of negligent actions of other people. Over a million people are injured every year in this country, with the majority of accidents being in and around the roads, in the places where people work or anywhere under local authority control.
Even the most careful people could have an accident at any time, especially if somebody else was the cause. There are some injuries which are so serious that the consequences can be life threatening or involve severe impairment of bodily function for years or even a lifetime. One of the worst injuries is to the brain, because in severe cases, the injury prevents the injured person from thinking or moving properly. Brain Accident Claims from injured victims of accidents where another person or persons were responsible are an absolute legal right and should be pursued as soon after the accident as possible, as the costs of brain injury treatment and rehabilitation are considerable.

Lamb & Co offer a “no win no fee” arrangement for all Brain Accident Claims. This arrangement allows every person, whether they are impoverished or rich, the same ability to pursue a claim for personal injury. The great thing about this arrangement is that there is absolutely no cost to the injured party, whether the case is won or lost.

We take pride in our service to victims of accidents and think that our record on Brain Accident Claims is second to none. We guarantee that anybody with a brain injury will eventually receive every penny of their compensation settlement, as we will recover our legal fee from the person who was responsible for the accident.