Brain Injury Claims

Brain Injury Claims can be made in any situation in which somebody has had a serious accident that has caused an injury to the brain, which was somebody else’s fault. Choosing the best solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation is essential because of the potential severity of the injuries. Brain accidents can result in long term consequences and these are extremely costly to the person who is injured, as well as in emotional and psychological terms to those people who are caring for the injured. Medical support and lifestyle changes may have to be maintained for a very long time, and this demands a very high compensation package if the accident was caused by a third party.
Brain accidents are rarely unaccompanied by other injuries, because of the nature of the accidents that caused them. While the main cause of TBI or traumatic brain injury is road traffic accidents, especially during head on collisions with another vehicle or a solid object or obstruction, there are a variety of other causes. Poor workplace safety environments can lead to slips, trips and falls, when somebody bangs their head badly or even gets struck by a solid object.

Employers are responsible for providing protective head gear where necessary, as well as making sure that footpaths and floors are covered by non slip surfaces. Brain Injury Claims can be made as a legal entitlement, when either another road user or an employer can be proved to be responsible for the accident.

Lamb & Co’s team of personal injury solicitors offer experience, skill and dedication for all those people who need to make Brain Injury Claims. We understand the devastating effects of these injuries on the injured party and everybody around him or her and will do everything in our power to help obtain the maximum compensation payout which matches the nature of the injuries that have been sustained. The compensation payment must take into account not just the immediate requirements of the injured party, such as loss of income, but the ongoing support and infrastructure which the person will need into the future, depending on the exact nature of the injuries.