Brain Injury Compensation

Brain injuries are some of the worst that could happen anywhere in the human body, simply because the brain is in charge of so much of the body’s normal functioning. Depending on the severity of TBI (traumatic brain injury), the effects can include long term damage to any part of the body’s normal physical or psychological activity.
Brain injuries are caused principally by road traffic accidents in the under 75 age group, but can also occur due to slipping, tripping or falling over just about anywhere. If the accident is due to negligence on behalf of a road user, an employer or a public body, then the victim of the accident should apply for Brain Injury Compensation. The cash received from a well presented compensation claim will at least go part of the way to help the victim of the brain injury cope with life throughout the period which he or she is going to be affected.

Brain Injury Compensation cases need the very best personal injury solicitor to act on their behalf, as this type of accident has its own particular peculiarites from a legal point of view. Contact us at Lamb & Co, as we have a well tried and tested team of personal injury solicitors who will assist you to make a fair claim for compensation for your injuries.

Lamb & Co are committed to pursue any Brain Injury Compensation claim to the maximum in order to ensure that you get the very best compensation settlement that you deserve, to match the extent of the injuries you have received.

We do understand that any person seriously injured on the roads or at work may be unable to attend our office for an appointment or even find it hard to communicate. For this reason, we offer a home visit service anywhere in Britain, so that one of our solicitors can ascertain all the facts of your accident prior to submitting your claim.