Head Injury Compensation

Some commkentators in Britain complain that we live in a country that reaps benefits through a compensation culture that we have developed over recent years. There may be an element of truth in this, but it is the legal right of victims of injuries, whether it is in our workplaces or on our busy roads, to be able to be compensated financially for long or short term injuries that were the result of someone else’s negligent behaviour.
Personal injury solicitors, such as us at Lamb & Co, have spent thousands of hours with victims of injuries that were brought about unasked for by the victim. We have seen some horrendous injuries inflicted on our clients and know how difficult it is for them to survive financially when they have had to recover from injuries at home or in hospital and have lost all their earning potential. Some of the worst cases are head injuries. Head Injury Compensation claims are even more important when people have lost their ability to speak properly and have permanent scarring to their head and neck. We don’t take compensation claims for such victims lightly and we see the need for the person to be compensated for an amount that relates to the seriousness of their injuries.

If you have received an injury on our roads or at work and it was not of your making, then you should be calling one of our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co to discuss your Head Injury Compensation claim. If your injury means you cannot attend an appointment at our office, we can arrange for one of our solicitors to make a free national home visit.

Once we have confirmed the validity of your claim, we will start to get the ball rolling and collect the necessary information required to present to the offending party. We only take on cases that we think that we can win, so it is unlikely that a court appearance will be necessary. When we have received your Head Injury Compensation payment we guarantee that you will keep every penny of it, as we will collect the fees from the offending party. In the unlikely event of us losing the case, you will be covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.