Industrial Disease

If you have been diagnosed with a work related disease then you will be able to bring a claim for compensation against the employer(s) who negligently exposed you to a risk of contracting a disease following their failure to protect you whilst at work.Industrial disease is described as ‘an ailment or injury resulting from long term exposure to an occupational hazard, such as a noxious substance’.

There are many different types of industrial disease including:

Occupational asthma
Chemical poisoning
Vibration White Finger
Noise induced Deafness
Repetitive Strain Injury

These diseases or illnesses develop following exposure to hazardous substances whilst at work, and can be a cause for claiming disability benefits

We at Lamb and Co specialise in bringing claims against companies for work related illness. One of our qualified solicitors will handle your case from start to finish ensuring that you receive the right medical care and rehabilitation you require during what is likely to be an anxious period in your life.

If your case is successful, you will recover compensation for your injury as well as any expenses brought about as a result of you contracting a work related illness including:

Loss of earnings
Future loss of earnings
Medical treatment
Care and assistance

If you have suffered from any form of work related illness or have been diagnosed with work related disease/industrial disease, then we will be pleased to hear from you in order to discuss bringing a claim against the responsible company who exposed you to a risk of contracting a disease. Your case will be dealt with sympathetically and from the word go, we promise to fight hard for you to ensure that your case is successful and that you receive the maximum possible compensation payable for your injuries.

For more information on Industrial Diseases, please download our free advice guide