Industrial Disease Claims

Lamb & Co personal injury solicitors offer an excellent compensation service to all those people who need to make Industrial Disease Claims. These claims are made when workers develop an industrial disease or injury due to exposure to unsafe or unhealthy workplace conditions, usually over a long period of time. Some industrial diseases, like asbestosis, mesothelioma and silicosis, develop slowly and stealthily and can cause chronic symptoms and, in some cases, can be life threatening. These types of diseases are due to exposure to contaminants in the workplace which should not have been present if the employer had provided adequate protection.
Some Industrial Disease Claims are made for non life threatening, but still serious, health problems such as repetitive strain injury, asthma and vibration white finger, which are not only painful or agonising, but can affect the person’s ability to work. In some cases, the disease or injury can be severe enough to prevent the sufferer from doing any type of work again.

The U.K. and European Union governments take the health and safety of employees very seriously, and in cases where somebody has suffered an industrial disease or injury there are good grounds for making Industrial Disease Claims for just compensation. Workplace health and safety is ensured by a number of legal guidelines which outline the employer’s obligations to the protection of his or her employees.

If you have developed an industrial disease or injury for which you have good grounds for believing have been caused by your workplace environment, it is best to use the services of a personal injury solicitor who has experience in dealing with the specific issues involved in this type of claim.

Our solicitors at Lamb & Co have dealt with hundreds of cases of Industrial Disease Claims over the last ten years. We can provide you with a “no win no fee” service which guarantees that you will have no legal fees to pay when you make your claim with us. We will make an assessment of your situation with the relevant medical advice and any other information which can be used to ascertain the cause of your injury or disease, and will pursue your claim vigorously on your behalf.