Industrial Disease Compensation

Industrial diseases and injuries are some of the worst things that can happen to any employee as they can develop slowly without any obvious signs, for many years. Diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma are life threatening and, at the very least, can cause very serious health problems requiring hospitalisation and extensive medical treatment.
There are many other types of occupational injuries and disease which are quite varied in their origin, but collectively are due to deficiencies in the health and safety regime in the workplace environment. Vibration white finger and repetitive strain injury can be caused by continuous poor handling problems, while dermatitis and asthma may be caused by pollutants or chemical contaminants in the air or on objects that are regularly handled.

These diseases and injuries can mean there will be a need to take time off work to recover or be treated, and may involve a loss of income as a result. Your employer is legally obliged by a whole number of regulations and laws to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment. Where your employer can be shown to have been negligent in workplace safety, then Industrial Disease Compensation can be claimed to provide you with money to cover your losses due to your disease or injury.

Lamb & Co’s personal injury solicitors are experts at making claims for Industrial Disease Compensation and are happy to offer their service on your behalf. We have had many years experience dealing with all sorts of industrial disease and have acquired a well deserved reputation for our competence and efficiency when dealing with compensation claims of this type.

We also offer our “no win no fee” Industrial Disease Compensation claim service for anybody who has developed a disease or injury due to their time at work, which provides peace of mind when worrying about legal fees. The key issues which our personal injury solicitors will have to deal with are linking the disease or illness that you are suffering from with the workplace environment, and in some cases this might not be straightforward. Be rest assured that we will do our utmost to assist you win your claim and we will guarantee that you will receive every penny of your compensation payment.