Injury Claims

Have you had an accident recently that has caused you any injuries? If you have had an accident that has been caused by another person or persons, then you may be able to make a claim through our Personal Injury Solicitors here at Lamb & Co. Nobody wishes an accident on themselves but they are a fact of life and nobody is totally immune from the possibility of being involved in an accident at some point in their life.
Lamb & Co are specialists in injury claims and have had many years of experience dealing with a variety of accidents. The majority of accidents that we deal with are those that have been caused on the roads as a result of pile ups and collisions, accidents in the workplace which might result from handling heavy loads, slipping and tripping, as well as accidents that take place anywhere on private or public land.

As long as somebody else is to blame for the accident and there is sufficient evidence of this, then there is a good chance that injury claims can be made for compensation for any injuries or illnesses caused. This is a statutory right and, even if you are feeling hesitant or embarrassed about making a claim, it is in the best interests of retaining a safer and healthier environment, that a claim is made.

Lamb & Co offer a “no win no fee” arrangement when somebody comes to us having had an accident. This means that there is no initial cost to the injured person and there is no legal fee incurred, unless the case is taken up and won. In that situation, the legal fee is paid for by the third party that caused the accident and they will also be responsible for paying out your compensation settlement.

Lamb & Co strongly believe that all injury claims should be paid the full amount that is due and we have a policy of pursuing every claim for that full amount. When you use our services to process your claim, you will get your full compensation amount, and not a penny less.