Injury Compensation

Did you know that anybody who has had an accident, which was not their fault, can make a claim for Injury Compensation? Accidents happen all the time and can affect anybody, even if that person is very safety conscious. Many of the accidents that take place, happen on our congested roads. All it takes is a careless or aggressive driver to make an error of judgement and we can end up in hospital.
Accidents at work are as common as those on the roads, despite improvements made in workplace safety over the last twenty years. Any accident can result in injuries for which we suffer from physical and emotional distress and lose income because of medical bills or time off work.

If you have been involved in an accident at any time in the last three years and you think that somebody else was at fault, even if it was your employer or the local authority, then you should contact us at Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors. We are able to advise you of your chances at making a successful claim for Injury Compensation. We do offer a “no win no fee” arrangement here as well, which is really handy if you are short of money, as there is no need to budget for any legal costs. In fact, you get to keep your entire compensation payout when your claim is processed, as our legal fee is covered by the third party’s insurance policy.

We generally find that most of the claims for Injury Compensation can be settled out of court with the insurance company belonging to the person or persons responsible for your accident. In the event of a court appearance being necessary, our policy is to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

A surprising number of people never bother to report their injuries to the police and it is impossible in these situations for them to make an injury claim later, as the accident needs to be documented if it is to have a chance of being followed up. It really is in everybody’s interest to report an injury if an accident has taken place and, if this is definitely the fault of somebody’s negligence, then a claim for compensation will play a part in ensuring that people are more careful in future.