Injury Lawyers

Have you had an accident recently, which was the fault of another person or happened at work and your employer was responsible? You may be entitled to make a claim for compensation for any injuries or illness received. Contact us at Lamb & Co, as we have a very experienced team of injury lawyers here who are specialists in personal injury law. we have processed many thousands of claims over the last few years for people who were the victims of accidents all over the country which were not their fault. While claims for compensation can never be guaranteed, we ensure that every claim has a good chance of success before pursuing it any further.
The most common accidents that involve negligence on the part of a third party are road and workplace accidents. There were over a million people injured last year in those two categories alone. Of that number, about one in ten involved serious injuries resulting in long periods in hospital and time at home recovering. Even less serious injuries can result in a significant loss of income. If you run a business or go to work, then there may be time off work for which you are going to lose wages or revenue. There is also the incalculable cost to one’s self confidence and sense of well being. It also has a knock on effect on those nearest and dearest to us as well, as they may have to spend time looking after an accident victim who is incapacitated.

It is your statutory right to make a claim for compensation in the event that another person or a government body is responsible for your accident. If you are not sure, then our injury lawyers here at Lamb & Co will be able to clarify what your rights are, taking into account your particular circumstances.

Lamb & Co offer a “no win no fee” arrangement for anybody who is the victim of an accident. This means that our injury lawyers will not charge you a thing, even if the case is lost. The negligent party will end up not only paying the compensation amount which goes to you, as well as our legal fee.