Our Charity of Choice – Marie Curie

Throughout the whole build of our website, this page has been the most difficult to write. It is dedicated to my wonderful, belated and dearly missed Mother, Lindy-Lou Lamb without whom, the firm would not exist.

My darling Mum, Lindy, sadly died of Terminal Cancer last year after a short period battling this awful disease. The loss of mum has been devastating for me, my sister Debbie (who also works at the firm) and my young daughter.

Mum helped me significantly in my ability to grow the firm as well as supporting me throughout life’s ups and downs. She was so genuinely proud of the firm and what we stand for – you can probably see that from the picture above which was taken outside our Head Office just after Mum had been diagnosed with untreatable Lung and Brain Cancer.

We are so proud of Mum’s fight to stay with us but no matter how hard she tried (and she did!!) it just wasn’t to be. Mum didn’t want to live her last days anywhere other than at home with ‘her girls’. We nursed Mum at home up until she took her place in the skies and we could not have done this without the care and support provided by this remarkable Charity. I can categorically say that the help and assistance we received from the Marie Curie Nurses who helped us to care for Mum during her last days will be remembered forever. I am truly indebted to them.

I sincerely hope that none of our readers have to endure what myself and my little family went through, although it is so comforting to know that the Marie Curie Charity, with all of their compassionate and dedicated Nurses, are on hand to help families like mine through the most difficult days imaginable.

I wear my lovely yellow Daffodil with pride. Myself and the firm will continue to do all we possibly can to assist in raising much needed funds for this inspiring, non-profit making and self funded charity. I hope our readers will never need the services provided by the Charity but if you do, they will be on hand to provide much needed support to the terminally ill family member, as well as those who are caring for them.

Best wishes,
Claire Lamb