No Win No Fee Accident Solicitor

If you have been involved in any type of accident in which you are not at fault, it is likely you will be able to make a claim for compensation from the person or body that is to blame. Such accidents include road traffic accidents and accidents and injuries sustained in a workplace as well as those that take place in a number of places that are administered and maintained by a local authority.
If you have been involved in any accident at all over the last three years, and you think that you are not the cause, you should contact our team of No Win No Fee Accident Solicitors here at Lamb & Co. When you sign a no win no fee agreement it means that you are confident that you can make your claim for compensation and not have to pay a thing if the case is lost. If we win the case for you, then you get to keep all of the compensation that is due to you. The losing party pays our fee.

Some people are understandably nervous about the prospect of going to court. Be rest assured that in many, although not all cases, claims are settled out of court and compensation is paid out of the the other party’s insurance.

When you have suffered an accident and you think that there is somebody else to blame, make sure you contact us as soon as is practically possible. One of our No Win No Fee Accident Solicitors will discuss your case with you and assess the situation thoroughly. If there is a reasonable chance that proof of the involvement of a third party in your accident can be established, then we will pursue your case with the determination that has made us one of the leading personal injury specialists in the country.

You can be assured that our expert team of No Win No Fee Accident Solicitors here at Lamb & Co have had many years experience in accident and personal injury claims. It is our speciality and we pursue each of our clients’ cases with dedication and professionalism.