No Win No Fee Compensation

It is surprising how many people do not fully appreciate what their legal rights are when it comes to compensation for injuries and illnesses resulting from accidents that can happen at any time or place. There are many circumstances which permit compensation to be paid out to an innocent victim of an accident for which another individual, company or government body is deemed responsible.
Here at Lamb & Co we make it our speciality to help those people with a No Win No Fee Compensation claim. A no win no fee arrangement means that you do not have to worry about having to pay a thing when your case is taken on. If the case is lost, there is simply nothing that you have to pay.

No Win No Fee Compensation agreements can be very reassuring, especially when your accident or illness has meant that you have suffered a loss of income. Compensation for your accident will normally include any loss of income which you have incurred, as well as an amount for medical attention if that has been necessary.

Lamb & Co’s team of personal injury solicitors specialise in workplace and road accidents as well as those accidents that can take place in a public place. We are adept at assessing the circumstances of your accident and, in those situations where the responsibility for the accident can be identified as belonging to a third party, will guide you through our No Win No Fee Compensation claim procedure.

You can be confident that we at Lamb & Co believe that when we act in any personal injury case that you are awarded the absolute maximum in compensation payable to you and not a penny less. There are some solicitors that will settle for less than a full claim to complete the whole process faster, but we will never do that, and if it means going to Court on your behalf, then that is what we will do.