No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accidents

If you are a motor cyclist, you are probably already aware that accidents involving motorcycles occur far more often than car accidents. It is a simple fact that a rider on a motorcycle is far more vulnerable to hazards around them, including the actions of other vehicle drivers.
All road users are obliged to make sure that their style of driving does not put other road users in danger and, if you are inadvertently caught up in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own and are injured, then the driver who has caused the accident is responsible for your injuries.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident and it was not your fault, then you are entitled to make a claim for just compensation. Because of the frequency of these types of accidents, our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co offer a specialised No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accidents claims service. Because it is a no win no fee arrangement you will not have to pay a thing when we take up your case, even if the case is lost. We can assure you that we will seek to obtain the highest compensation from any successful claim.

Our team at Lamb & Co, with our years of experience of personal injury cases and our commitment to provide a No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accidents service, can assist you with your claim. A personal injury solicitor will be assigned to your case and will at first ascertain the circumstances surrounding the accident. In many cases, liability will be acknowledged by the third party and an out of court settlement can be made, but we are committed to ensuring that you get full compensation for your injuries.

Our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co have achieved an excellent record when it comes to seeking compensation for injured parties through our No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accidents claims service. Once the compensation has been received, you can have your motor cycle fixed and pay back some of the money you have spent while recovering from your injuries.