No Win No Fee Solicitors

Accidents of all types can leave you with injuries, psychological trauma, loss of income because of time off work and a sense of grievance if you feel that somebody else was to blame. Here at Lamb & Co we understand your situation and advise you to contact our team of No Win no Fee Solicitors to discuss your accident. Many accidents that take place on public highways or in the workplace may be somebody else’s responsibility and you are legally entitled to claim for just compensation from them.
Our No Win No Fee Solicitors will listen carefully to the details of how your accident happened and discuss your injuries. They may be able to help with advice about medical assistance and financial help. They will then discuss the circumstances surrounding the accident and establish who was to blame. They will then come to a conclusion about whether there is a good chance that proof of culpability for the accident can be established and suggest that a claim for compensation can be made and give an estimate of what this might be.

When you make an agreement with our No Win No Fee Solicitors at Lamb & Co, you can be certain that you have nothing to pay at all. Even if the case is lost, then you will not have to pay any of our fees. If the case is won, then you will be able to receive all of the compensation due to you and our fee will be paid by the losing party.

Our team of No Win No Fee solicitors are expert personal injury solicitors who have had many years experience specialising in tackling claims resulting from all sorts of personal injuries resulting from traffic and workplace accidents.