No Win No Fee Work Accident Claims

Unfortunately, when accidents happen at work, the fault can often be due to poor health and safety conditions in your workplace. Many of us do not sufficiently realise that our employers are legally obliged to maintain a safe and healthy place for us to work in. We are also legally entitled to claim for compensation when our employer can be proven to be at fault.
Today, accidents at work do not need to be accepted as part of the job as No Win No Fee Accident Claims can now assist the injured person to gain compensation. In the first instance, it is advisable that you contact our team of personal injury solicitors here at Lamb & Co as soon as possible and they will guide you through the process of making a claim. Remember that with a no win no fee agreement there is nothing for you to pay if you lose the case.

As long as some proof has been collected, then our personal injury solicitors will have the responsibility to prove that the injuries were due to negligence in the work place so that the No Win No Fee Accident Claims are successfully won in the courts.

The claimant can depend upon the professionalism of our personal injury solicitors to ease the stress of what is often a painful process when taking on a current employer. It should, however, be remembered that employers are insured for claims made if accidents occur at work, so there is no direct monetary pressure on them. Furthermore, this sort of situation gives the employer the opportunity to improve the standards of health and safety in their workplaces, so that No win No Fee Accident Claims are kept to a minimum.

As an employee, by highlighting the reason for your accident at work, you are doing your employer and your colleagues a favour by taking up the matter with our personal injury solicitors rather than blaming your own negligence for a painful accident.