Personal Injury Accident Claims

If you are not quite sure if you should put in a claim for compensation after an accident, our team of friendly, efficient solicitors at Lamb & Co have the proven experience in obtaining compensation for Personal Injury Accident Claims and can offer you an impartial assessment.
If you have been involved in an accident at your workplace or a road accident that was not due to your negligence, then it is quite justifiably, your legal right to put in a claim for compensation. After all, you did not ask for the injury, so you should be entitled to some type of compensation.

When asking yourself if you really think that you are right to make such a claim, just think back and remember how awful the accident was and you would never like it to happen to anyone else. When submitting a claim for compensation with us, then it is quite likely that some action will be taken to make sure an accident like yours does not happen again. Personal Injury Accident Claims are one way to ensure that workplaces tidy up their act in relation to health and safety and drivers behave more courteously on our roads when it comes to road accidents.

When you have made your decision, call in at our office at Lamb & Co and discuss your case with one of our fully qualified and experienced solicitors. We have many years of experience dealing with Personal Injury Accident Claims like yours and we work on a no win no fee basis. This means you will not pay anything for the services of one of our solicitors if you fail to win any compensation. If you do win, we will guarantee to you that the compensation payment you are awarded will be all yours. You will have no fees to pay at all, as we will recoup the costs from the offending party.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to win if you make a claim through us at Lamb & Co and we can guarantee that we will treat your claim in a sincere and confidential manner.