Personal Injury Claims

The most usual types of Personal Injury Claims are made as a result of road traffic accidents and accidents in the workplace. If you have recently been injured in one of these situations and it was not of your making, then you should be contacting us at Lamb & Co. We are the team of solicitors who specialise in seeking compensation for victims of personal injuries that have occurred as a result of any type of accident.
Once you have arranged a meeting with one of our experienced Personal Injury Claims solicitors, an assessment will be made of your situation. If we think that you have a claim which is likely to be successful, then we will take on your case using a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

At this point in time, we will make certain that the person who inflicted the injury on you was negligent and you deserve to be compensated for their action. Our experienced Personal Injury Claims solicitor will assess whether we are likely to win a compensation claim for you. We will start the ball rolling by informing the third party that a claim has been made against their actions.

It is always our expectation that, in those obvious situations, that an out of court settlement will be the outcome. However, if it requires a court appearance to prove the grounds of the compensation claim then that will be our next course of action. We fight hard to ensure that you recover the absolute maximum compensation payable to you for your injuries and financial losses.

If, in the unlikely possibility of losing the case, you will be covered by our no win no fee policy and you will not be charged any fees for us progressing the case for you.