Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Have you been inflicted with a personal injury recently that was not of your own making? Whether it was in your work place or through another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to a Personal Injury Compensation Claim for your injury or loss of earnings. Our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co have an excellent record of winning just claims for victims of accidents with an unblemished complaints record which reflects the care offered to all of our clients over the years.
When you are involved in an accident at work that incurs an injury, you must report it to the relevant person in authority immediately so that it can be recorded in an accident book. This part is a legal requirement on the part of your employer. Even if your injury is only minor, depending on the circumstances, you might still have a case to claim a large amount of money. Any Personal Injury Compensation Claim is judged on its own merits and there is no hard and fast rule about amount of payment. Our expert solicitors at Lamb & Co are available to take on your case and win for you a compensation package which reflects the highest possible compensation payable for your injuries and financial losses.

You might think that compensation can be claimed for physical injuries only, but this is not so. Any case of emotional distress in your work place may also enable you to get compensation. Cases of maltreatment at work whether it is mental or physical in nature are valid reasons for putting in a Personal Injury Compensation Claim.

As our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co work on a no win no fee basis. We will be able to let you know, at your first meeting with us, whether we think you have a good case for compensation. We only take on cases that we are reasonably certain to win and, in most situations, the compensation package is formulated without any need to go to court. In the unlikely event that your claim is lost, we will not charge you any legal fees for progressing the case for you under the terms of our ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.