Personal Injury Solicitors Chester

Personal injuries can transform your life and leave you in a position where you can no longer work or you may become totally reliant on your family for support. Here at Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Chester we are able to assist you to claim compensation when your injuries are caused by a third party.
Our expert team of solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases and will be able to ensure that legal action is swift and fair. We understand that a personal injury claim can seem quite complex and overwhelming. Our solicitors will be able to explain the process of making a claim seem simple for you to understand.Workplace safety and security is the responsibility of your employer and if you suffer from an injury while at work then it is entirely possible that your employer is responsible. In the event that it can be proved that your workplace is the cause of your injury, Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Chester will do all they can to ensure a speedy and just compensation claim on your behalf.

Accidents while driving can happen when we least expect it. Very often these accidents are the result of poor driving by other road users for which we suffer the consequences. Broken limbs, whiplash and concussion due to a traffic accident can keep us off work and involve hospitalisation. Our solicitors will ensure that you are able to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Personal injuries due to accidents in the streets and public places of Britain are unfortunately only too commonplace, especially when so many local authorities are cutting back on maintenance programmes. Any injury that you have sustained while in an environment which is demonstrably within the council’s responsibility will be eligible for just compensation. Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Chester will actively pursue your claim and extract maximum damages from those responsible.