Personal Injury Solicitors Liverpool

It is an unfortunate fact that we can be affected by accidents and injuries at any time or place. In many cases these incidents are not our fault. Personal injury solicitors are specialised in helping those people who have suffered from an accident or injury sustained during a road accident, or in a public place, or at work, for which it can be proved that they are not to blame.
Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Liverpool have developed a solid reputation for providing expert, fast and immediate legal advice to deal with just claims for compensation. Our team of solicitors have the professional expertise to ensure that a compensation case is won and that the maximum amount of damages can be recovered from those responsible.

Your employer has a legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment, so if you have suffered from physical or psychological injury while at work and your employer is responsible for the circumstances, then Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Liverpool will ensure a speedy resolution of your claim.

Road accidents are unfortunately only too common anywhere in Britain and injuries are always a possibility, however carefully you normally drive. If you are involved in a road accident for which you are not responsible, our team of solicitors will endeavour to quickly pursue a just claim for compensation.

You may also be involved in an accident or sustain an injury on private property or in a public area maintained by the local authority. Again, if it can be proved that negligence by the landowner or council is responsible, then Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Liverpool will make sure that you are justly compensated for your injuries and the psychological stress that they might have caused.