Personal Injury Solicitors Merseyside

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time and anywhere and are often the fault of a third party. In these cases it is the job of personal injury solicitors to instigate legal action on your behalf, which will result in a claim for compensation. Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Merseyside have successfully pursued thousands of claims for compensation on a no win no fee basis for many years and have built up a solid and well respected reputation.
It is vital, when having had an accident or injury where others are to blame, to bring it to the attention of personal injury solicitors as soon as possible. Our dedicated team of professional solicitors will deal with your situation with compassion and sympathy and will be able to guide you through the steps that lead to a legal claim for compensation as simply as possible.

You may have suffered an injury due to an accident while at work. It is possible that you can claim for compensation for your injury because the cause is due to the workplace environment being deficient in health and safety procedures. Lamb & Co Personal Injury Solicitors Merseyside are experts at handling such cases and will work on your behalf to make a fast and effective claim for just compensation.

Some of the worst accidents can happen without warning when driving on our busy roads. While we might take the utmost care and are normally defensive drivers, the unexpected can happen when an accident can lead to us being hospitalised and traumatised due to negligent driving by others. In these situations, we will work tirelessly to ensure a speedy and effective resolution of your claim.