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   1.  UK Roads amongst the World’s Safest
   2.  West Midlands Police prioritise Cycle ‘Close Pass’ Drivers
   3.  Report shows Illegal Mobile Phone Use at ‘Epidemic Proportions’
   4.  Less than Half of Learner Drivers Pass First Time
   5.  Government Study Finds Longer Lorries better for Safety and Environment
   6.  Dangerous Speeding prevalent in 20mph Zones
   7.  Holiday Illnesses: Can you make a Claim if you’re Ill on Holiday?
   8.  The First European Day Without a Road Death Next Month
   9.  Telematics Use Significantly Up in 2016
   10.  Millions of Brits potentially driving with Illegal Tyres
   11.  Positive Test Increase in Police Summer Drink and Drug Drive Campaign
   12.  More Safety Information needed for Apprentice Employers
   13.  Road Safety Industry Responds with Concern to Latest Statistics
   14.  New Research finds Most Dangerous HGV Designs
   15.  Welsh Drivers still on the Road Despite 12+ Penalty Points
   16.  Drivers Admit Dangerous Swerving to Avoid Potholes
   17.  DVSA launches Public Consultation on New Driving Test Changes
   18.  IOSH calls for Workers to be Sun Aware
   19.  First Older Driver Strategy produced by Task Force
   20.  IOSH wants More Done on Preventable Work-Related Deaths
   21.  Road Safety Trust Funds Pilot Scheme to Reduce Tailgating
   22.  Britain reacts to the DfT’s Annual Casualty Statistics 2015
   23.  GEM Motoring Assist Shines Light on Dangers of Driver Fatigue
   24.  Transport Committee warns against All Lane Running Schemes
   25.  Government Predicts Commuters Will Return to their Cars
   26.  ETSC suggest Road Deaths’ Reduction Progress linked to Falling Police Numbers
   27.  Over 70% of People Believe Parents Would Ditch Cars if Walk to School Was Safe
   28.  2016 Think! Summer Campaign Launched
   29.  New Research Backs up Claims that Hands-Free Phones Are Dangerous at the Wheel
   30.  Minimum Passing Distance for Cyclists Petition exceeds 20,000 Signatures
   31.  Increase in Drug Arrests following Introduction of New Legislation
   32.  Think! Biennial Survey Published
   33.  UK welcomes Idea of Restrictions on New Drivers
   34.  Unhealthy Workplace Habits are the Norm for UK Workers
   35.  Government plans to Develop the current Driving Test
   36.  Record High Traffic Levels reported by the Department for Transport
   37.  Drivers believe Speed Humps do more Harm than Good
   38.  Is your Sat Nav Position risking your Safety?
   39.  Survey shows Motorists still want to Drive, Even with Automated Vehicles on the Way
   40.  Thousands Driving Unsafely with Faulty Tyre Safety Systems
   41.  Handheld Mobile Phones still being used Illegally by Drivers
   42.  ETSC Publishes Safety of Automated Driving Report
   43.  Study discovers the Reasons Why Drivers ‘Hit and Run’
   44.  New Rules for Confusing Road Signs enacted Today
   45.  British Drivers choose High Tech Gadgets over Life-Saving In-car Equipment
   46.  New AA Research highlights the Danger of Pedestrian Smartphone Distraction
   47.  Highways England commits £150m to New Technology
   48.  ETSC call for Urgent Action on Road Safety after New Figures Released
   49.  Increase in Number of Underage Drivers Convicted of Driving without Insurance
   50.  Success of HGV Road Safety Project sees it Extended for Two More Years
   51.  ETSC publish Report on New Car Safety
   52.  RoSPA pushes for Experiment on Daylight Saving
   53.  Decline in Police Numbers the Reason for Fall in Recorded Road Crimes
   54.  Six Simple Things for Road Safety Week
   55.  Free Professional Skills and Safety Assessment for all Motorcyclists on offer
   56.  New Road Injury Prevention Guide for Children published
   57.  Welsh Government puts focus on Motorcycle Safety with new Project Funding
   58.  Department for Transport launches new Drug Driving Campaign
   59.  AA Research suggests Memory Blanks whilst Driving are a Common Experience
   60.  BBC finds more than 2000 people caught speeding over 100mph in 2014/5
   61.  RoSPA launches Older Drivers Website
   62.  New Analysis finds UK spends £75.6m on ‘Traffic Calming’
   63.  Government Figures show Increase in Road Deaths in 2015
   64.  ETSC Film highlights potential life-saving benefits of Intelligent Speed Assistance
   65.  NPCC Roads Policing Lead suggests Business Drivers should face tougher Mobile Phone Penalties
   66.  £20m Government Funding awarded to Autonomous Vehicle Projects
   67.  Government launches Consultation on Hand-Held Mobile Phone Use in Cars
   68.  National Police Chiefs’ Council Festive Campaign shows Focus on Drug Driving
   69.  New Bill for Justice for Victims of Criminal Driving Launched
   70.  UK County Councils prioritise Road Maintenance and Pothole Repair
   71.  Brake finds over 70% of Drivers take Risks with Winter Driving
   72.  Brits welcome the idea of ‘Vehicle Safe Mode’ for Mobiles
   73.  2016 sees Arrival of New Five-Year HSE Strategy
   74.  Is a Rethink of the Driver Eyesight Test needed?
   75.  Department for Transport launches Country Roads Campaign
   76.  Almost Two-Thirds of Drivers say Yes to Intelligent Speed Adaptation
   77.  Survey finds 75% of people want more Cycling Investment
   78.  World Health Organisation Report finds Global Road Deaths still far too High
   79.  Road Safety Organisation calls for Responsibility amongst Young Drivers
   80.  Construction Sector highlighted in New Paper looking at Occupational Cancers
   81.  AA Claim Safety Awareness Courses better than Prosecutions
   82.  Daimler test Driverless Lorry on Public Roads
   83.  Over Half a Million Drivers across Europe Found Speeding
   84.  Warehouse Workplace Safety
   85.  HSE urges Fleet Companies to perform annual Driver Road Risk Assessments
   86.  Road Safety Charity calls for Reintroduction of Casualty Reduction Targets
   87.  Motoring Offences in Scotland Fall Significantly
   88.  IAM reveals shocking Pedestrian Casualty Numbers
   89.  Drivers believe too few Police for Safe Roads
   90.  Even more Vehicles with Standard-Fit AEB arriving on UK Roads
   91.  Government forms Taskforce to deal with Overuse of Traffic Signs
   92.  Police Scotland launches Campaign focused on Vulnerable Road Users
   93.  Britain’s Most Dangerous Junctions Revealed
   94.  Transport for London reveals first ‘early release’ Junction for Cyclists
   95.  More Bikers need to know about the SHARP Safety Rating Scheme
   96.  TISPOL running Enforcement Operations this Week
   97.  Charity calls for Public to put Safety first when buying a Car
   98.  New Look Bikeability Website Launched
   99.  Police Summer Drink Drive Campaign reports increase in Drink and Drugs Offences
   100.  Merseyside Authorities team up to Promote Motorcycle Awareness

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