Spinal Accident Solicitors

Throughout the U.K., 40,000 people live with paralysis daily and 50% of the injuries that have caused this handicap are as a result of car accidents that could have been avoided. The remaining are due to accidents in the workplace, in the home or while playing sports.
There have been many advances in medicine that have assisted victims of spinal cord injuries to make partial recovery but, despite this, the lives of those who are affected often mean that full time work is not possible and, in the worst cases of complete loss of feeling in the body, constant care and admission to a nursing home is the only way to be supported. Lamb & Co are Spinal Accident Solicitors, who are a team of experienced solicitors who have won compensation for many cases of spinal cord injuries. It is your legal right to claim compensation for injuries forced on you by another person.

If you have been a victim of a spinal cord injury in the last three years at work or through a car accident and the injury was inflicted through no fault of your own, one of our experienced, caring Spinal Accident Solicitors is more than willing to take up your case. We realise that you may have difficulty coming into our office, so we offer free national home visits at your convenience.

When one of our Spinal Accident Solicitors has established that you have a case for compensation that has a good chance of being won, then the details will be compiled and forwarded to the relevant person. We guarantee to obtain the very highest possible compensation payable. If we had the misfortune to lose your case then you are covered by our “no win no fee arrangement”.