Spinal Accident

Every year in the UK 1,200 people are admitted to spinal injury clinics as a result of a Spinal Accident and a staggering 40,000 people live daily with paralysis caused by a spinal injury. The total cost to the National Health Service is £500 million each year. Many of the injuries are as a result of car accidents and slips, trips and falls at home, in the workplace or as a result of sports accidents. Lamb & Co personal injury solicitors regularly deal with claims resulting from a Spinal Accident and understand the hardship that claimants have to go through.
There are two types of spinal injuries: the complete type, which means there is no feeling below the the injured area and the incomplete type, where some feeling may be lost below the injured area. Whichever type you have been affected by, you will have to live with this disability for the rest of your life.

If you have been the victim of a Spinal Accident as a result of a car accident or a workplace accident and it was not your fault, then it is your legal right to claim compensation for the suffering you are enduring now and often for the rest of your life. Our experienced team of caring personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co are eager to hear from you and we can arrange a national home visit at no cost to you, if your injury does not allow you to attend our office.

We will assess your claim and compile the details of your Spinal Accident which we will present to the person who inflicted your injury. We do not take on cases that we think we are unable to win. If we have the misfortune to lose your case, then you are covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.