Factory Accident Claims

According to the Health and Safety Executive in Britain, nearly 30 people employed in manufacturing died in their workplace in 2011 alone. Additionally, 4,000 people were seriously injured in factories that are engaged in the manufacturing process throughout Britain. Most of these accidents are due to badly maintained equipment or insufficient training of employees.
Under the health and safety rules, the law states that any business that employs workers in any kind of manufacturing has an obligation to undergo regular and in depth checks of possible risk of accidents occurring while using equipment in their factory. Factory Accident Claims for compensation can be made whenever an accident has taken place in a factory which was due to the employer’s negligence.

Factory owners are told to review and take necessary steps for further training in the use of any equipment, including that which requires mechanical handling. The HSE guidelines are rigorous and there is no real reason why all safety checks should not be undertaken. There should be far fewer Factory Accident Claims that happen today if proper safeguards were always implemented.

If you have had the misfortune to have been injured in a factory accident in the last three years and the accident was as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you should be contacting one of our dedicated personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co who are experienced at winning Factory Accident Claims.

Once you have made contact, we will provide you with honest advice on your likelihood of you being eligible for compensation. If we believe we can win your case, we will collect all the evidence and present it for consideration. When the matter has been settled and the compensation payment has been received, we give you a 100% guarantee that we will seek to recover the highest and maximum sum available in your case. If we have the unlikely misfortune of losing your case then you will be covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.