Factory Accident Compensation

Currently, when all factories are run with the use of high technology equipment and workers are often confined to one small area throughout the course of the day, one would think that factory accidents would simply not occur. This is a complete misconception. It is true that there has been a significant drop in accidents and fatalities in factory workplaces, but with nationwide government cutbacks on all services, including health and safety inspectors, there are not the number of inspections of factory workplaces that there used to be. As a result, much of the factory equipment and areas in factories are not necessarily maintained to a level that would stop an accident taking place.
Many accidents occur due to slips, trips and falls in factory working areas. Hazards are not attended to until a real accident takes place and the injured party then goes ahead with claiming Factory Accident Compensation, for the suffering caused by the sustained injury and the loss of earnings that have taken place as a result.

If you have sustained an injury in your workplace and think you are entitled to Factory Accident Compensation, then you should be contacting one of our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co, who are experienced in dealing with these sort of compensation claims.

We offer free, friendly and honest advice on your eligibility to make a Factory Accident Compensation claim. We only take on cases that we are sure we can win, so we do not hold on to false hopes for injured parties. Once we have made the decision to win your case for compensation we will collect the required information and put in your claim. The period for such claims can vary, but it is unlikely that a court appearance will be necessary, as the settlement will be negotiated between your employer’s insurance company and us.

When we enter into negotiations with the insurance company, we guarantee that we will seek to recover nothing less than the maximum compensation payable. If, in the unlikely event that we do not secure compensation for you, then you are covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.