Injury At Work Claims

Work accidents are still commonplace in this country, despite tougher legislation, workplace training and the efforts of employers to genuinely cut down on accidents in their domain. Accidents such as back strain due to shifting loads in a warehouse or factory, slipping or tripping over obstacles or slippery surfaces and repetitive strain injury developed in an office are some of the many common types of injury that can be sustained at work. The type of injury possible depends a lot on the workplace environment and the measures that the employer has put in place to protect employees’ working conditions.
Health & Safety legislation imposes an obligation on employers to provide a safe and healthy working environment and in many cases where workers sustain injuries at work, an Injury at Work Claim for compensation can be made. These claims do help to ensure that employers are kept on their toes, because a lack of health and safety provisions means that insurance premiums tend to rise. The monetary compensation is also important to the person who has suffered an injury as time may be lost from work as well as having to pay out for specialised health care.

When you have sutained an injury or injuries at work and think that it is your work environment that is to blame, then contact us at Lamb & Co. We are specialists in these types of accidents and can ensure that your Injury at Work Claim is processed efficiently and speedily.

Lamb & Co has a team of professional personal injury solicitors who have already dealt with thousands of people who have had accidents at work and have come to us for help in making an Injury at Work Claim. We operate a no win no fee system, which means that your claim for compensation is completely free. Our legal fee is charged to the employer’s insurance company and is separate from your compensation settlement, which goes directly to you without any deductions.