Injury At Work Compensation

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicate that accidents at work have been gradually falling every year for the last ten years, by about 3% per year, but almost 200,000 people still reported a workplace injury of some type last year. Nearly 200 of these injuries were fatal. The majority of injuries were caused by handling accidents, trips and slips and being struck by falling objects or vehicles on site. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that they minimise the possibility of accidents that can happen in their workplace and also have a liability insurance policy in the event that an accident does take place.
Over the years, one of the reasons workplaces have become safer is because employees have managed to claim compensation for injuries that have been sustained because of unsafe working conditions or the lack of suitable training or safety gear. If you are involved in an accident at work or develop an injury or illness due to long exposure to chemical contamination, for instance, you not only have every right to claim for Injury at Work Compensation but your action will help to make your own workplace a safer place in the long run.

Injury at Work Compensation claims do require a slightly different legal interpretation than other types of accident compensation cases and it is preferable to use a personal injury solicitor who has the relevant experience. At Lamb & Co we specialise in workplace accident cases and our solicitors have an enviable reputation for bringing the many thousand cases we have pursued to a successful resolution. Lamb & Co offer a free service for anybody who has suffered an injury at work which is due to a poor safety environment in their workplace. Our no win no fee service means that you do not have to worry about the cost of the legal fees for this sort of claim.

Our experience is that most Injury at Work Compensation claims are often quite straightforward and we usually end up dealing directly with an employer’s insurance company when an employer has admitted liability. In these situations, you will be entitled to your full compensation payment, without any deductions.