Work Accident Claims Solicitors

While the places we work in have become a lot safer over the last twenty years, accidents can still happen. It is estimated that there are about 600,000 accidents a year that involve some sort of injury and over 1 million people affected by some sort of work related illness. The total cost to the economy, let alone the cost to the individuals involved, is massive. People who get sick at work or are injured as a result of an accident can lose money because of time off work and additional expenses due to their medical condition.
A claim for compensation for injuries and illness sustained in a workplace related accident can be made provided that the employer can be shown to be responsible. There is a clear legal right on behalf of every worker to make a claim for compensation in these circumstances. Surprisingly, nearly two thirds of people injured at work do not put in a claim for compensation.

At Lamb & Co we have an excellent group of Work Accident Claims Solicitors who have had years of experience in dealing with work accident cases. When you contact our office after you have suffered injuries or illness from an accident we will listen to your circumstances carefully and investigate the chances of making a successful claim.

Our Work Accident Claims Solicitors do not collect a legal fee from you as we operate a “no win no fee” service. This is entirely free for you and in fact it still costs you nothing even if the case is eventually lost.

Our Work Accident Claims Solicitors have had plenty of experience dealing with a variety of accident types and will normally only pursue the case on your behalf when negligence can be proved. This means that your case is normally processed speedily and efficiently and your compensation payment should be received quite quickly.